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22 January 2020

CBH Site Audits – Asset Condition Assessments

Project Case Study

Project Snapshot:

  • Timeframe:  February 2019 & April 2020
  • Scope:  Review the existing electrical and control infrastructure and drawings issued. Create an audit report identifying equipment for upgrade, re-use and replacement due to poor condition and non-compliance.
  • Location:  Various CBH Grain Storage facilities including:
  • Avon
  • Beacon
  • Cadoux
  • Dumbleyung
  • Kalannie
  • Konnongorring
  • Mt Madden
  • Piawaning
  • Pingaring
  • Salmon Gums
  • Wyalkatchem
  • Dale
  • Mukinbudin
  • Watheroo

The outcomes of our work included:

  • Initially, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our team were unable to attend site to undertake an updated audit.  Rather than delay the project, our team utilised existing information taken from site and also obtained additional images from CBH personnel.
  • We were subsequently able to attend site, at the direction of CBH, to verify our findings from our initial offsite assessment.
  • Once onsite, our team carried out cable testing, verification and red-line mark-ups outlining discrepancies between CBH issued drawings/information.

We developed a ±20% Capital Cost Estimate based on the scope of work outcomes as detailed by CBH and relevant to site upgrade requirements.  This included a ±20% Capital Cost Estimate (Electrical) to upgrade the in-loading capability of HOR/01 (including decommissioning and upgrading/replacing the existing HOR01 electrical installation).  We carried out preliminary electrical load and maximum demand calculations to develop an accurate estimate.

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